2009 Stats

I’m sorry that I haven’t written on the blog lately, it’s just that my mind has been elsewhere this off-season. But now that Spring Training is getting closer I have been looking into a massive trip out to California. And I should be at two more things in the coming week that I will blog about, but now here are my (very late) stats for 2009:


2009 Totals:


Balls by Month:

April — 53

May –33

June — 38
July — 47

August – 87

September — 49

Oct/November — 22


Balls by Source:

Thrown – 255

Hit – 39

Glove Trick – 17

Hand-To-Hand – 15

Found – 5


Balls by Portion of the Day:

BP – 219

Pre-Game – 40

During – 42

After – 14


Balls by Stadium:

New Yankee Stadium – 178

Citi Field — 45

Oriole Park at Camden Yards – 27

Metrodome – 20

US Cellular Field – 17

PNC Park – 17

Miller Park – 9

Wrigley Field – 9

Comerica Park – 7


New Yankee Stadium:

32 Games Attended

178 Baseballs

5.56 Balls Per A Game


Citi Field:

7 Games Attended

45 Baseballs

6.43 Balls Per A Game


Oriole Park:

4 Games Attended

27 Baseballs

6.75 Balls Per A Game



3 Games Attended

20 Baseballs

6.67 Balls Per A Game


US Cellular Field:

2 Games Attended

17 Baseballs

8.5 Balls Per A Game


PNC Park:

2 Games Attended

17 Baseballs

8.5 Balls Per A Game


Miller Park:

1 Game Attended

9 Baseballs

1 200th Baseball Per A Game


Wrigley Field:

1 Game Attended

9 Baseballs

1 Wristband Per A Game


Comerica Park:

1 Game Attended

7 Baseballs

1 Foul Ball Per A Game


NYC Stadiums:

39 Games Attended

223 Baseballs

5.72 Balls Per A Game


Stadiums Outside NYC:

14 Games Attended

106 Baseballs

7.57 Balls Per A Game


Season Records:

Most Balls in a game: 15 Baseballs on 4/10/09

Most Balls in a week: 41 Baseballs in 8/17/09-8/23/09

Most Balls in one month: 87 Baseballs in August, 2009

Most Balls in back-to-back games: 21 Baseballs on Sept. 4 and Sept. 8

Most Balls thrown to by one player: Mick Kelleher, 8 Balls

Most Balls in back-to-back-to-back games: 27 Baseballs on Aug. 18, Aug. 20, and Aug. 22



1st Lifetime Game Ball: Hit by Mark Teahen on 8/13/09 at the HHH Metrodome

Getting 15 autographs and 15 baseballs on the same day: 4/10/09

Seeing the Yankees play in the first and last games of the World Series on 10/28/09 and 11/4/09


Miscellaneous Items:

Erick Fernandez’s Batting Gloves on 3/29/09 at Citi Field

Anderson Hernandez’s Wristband on 4/25/09 at Citi Field

Manny Acta’s Line-Up Cards on 4/25/09 at Citi Field

The Tiger’s Bullpen Line-Up Card on 7/4/09 at New Yankee Stadium

Brian Friday’s Batting Gloves on 7/15/09 at Mercer County Waterfront Park

Garret Jones’ Wristband on 8/16/09 at Wrigley Field

Jason Jaramillo’s Bat on 8/22/09 at PNC Park

Dusty Baker’s Line-Up Cards on 8/23/09 at PNC Park




  1. bloggingboutbaseball

    Wow, Alex! Those are some impressive stats. Trip to California, eh? When and where? I’ll be in New York in April and I’ll catch a Mets game at Citi Field on the 7th or 8th. Any chance you’ll be there? Any tips for me? 🙂
    Keep up the good snagging in 2010!

  2. Alex

    Redsoxkid15 – I still live a bit far away from NYS, about an hour, but it’s an easy drive. And I don’t think Clif has a blog.
    Matt – The Trip to California is tenatively planned for around the late July early August time, and on the trip I’d hope to knock off every Californian stadium. And I don’t think I’ll be heading to Citi on the 7th or 8th, but some broad tips for Citi are: Hard to get to dugout during BP, easy after BP, don’t overpay for a club ticket, start off in Left Field for the beggining (check for easter eggs), then once the visiting team is out move around, and the best foul ball spots are the Ebbets Club and down the line when the seats start heading at an angle.
    – Alex

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