7/4/09 Yankees vs. Blue Jays

            The Fourth of July. It will be crowded. It will have more people than 7/3/09. Guess how many people were there on the Third?

            46,308 people.

How many more until Opening Day’s attendance is in reach?

            Well like last time someone was running in the outfield. That someone wasn’t as good as Felix Hernandez. He was Ricky Romero.

ricky romero1

But I wasn’t sure what his name was so I just held up my pen and he walked over and signed my 1st autograph
ricky romero autograph


of the day……………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

That’s 125 periods, one for every minute of BP I was shoutout for.

But I *was* on the big screen.

Video Screen_1

But still, I was shutout for ALL of Yankees BP, and well into the Blue Jays BP Somehow the ushers in left field were nice enough to let me stay there for the Mariners BP. One usher who didn’t know me checked my ticket while I was in section 133 or so (I belonged in 130) and he said I was O.K! Even the “evil usher” didn’t harass me! He walked up to me and said:

            “Was’ up man, you O.K?”


            But I was still shutout for a while because there was a HUGE crowd there. I looked at the time:


            No ball yet.

ball caught in front of my glove

That ball was caught right in front of my glove (red shirt, under state farm sign.)

By then I knew my streak was going to end, even though the Blue Jays were pelting the seats with Home Runs. Pretty soon one was hit deep. It was going near a State Farm sign, about 8 rows back. And then it landed; it hit off a mom and bounced into my row. I reached down into my row and grabbed my 1st ball.

            “Give it to the kid,” a fellow ballhawk “Tony” said.

            I looked over at the kid, a sobbing 4 year old girl with a glove. I couldn’t say no, so I handed the ball over to her. But her mom made me take it back.

            “It’s you ball, you caught it.” But don’t feel too bad for the girl, she was injured, and B.J. Ryan saw the incident and gave her a ball.

            And a cool thing about that ball? It has not one, but two faint bat prints on it. Take a look:

All I can make out is the letters “ENUH”. Any idea on what that could stand for?

Now I know that THAT is the ‘T’ from ‘TPX’, which is on some bats.

            So then soon after I convinced Scott Richmond to toss me my 2nd ball. I HAD to engage him in conversation to get the ball.

Scott Richmond.jpg           
Me: How about a ball for a Jays fan?

            Scott: You’re not a Blue Jays fan. (I think he was eyeing my Yankees wristband)

            Me: Look, I got a Jays hat and a Canada shirt.

            So then he wheeled around and threw me the ball unexpectedly.

132nd Ball of '09

            Home runs were being hit left and right. The balls being fielded either went to B.J. Ryan or Scott Downs,

B.J. Ryan and Scott Downs

who were tossing them to people many rows back, sometimes a couple decks up. When Scott fielded a ball I went baaaaaaack, but he threw the ball right where I was originally standing.

            But Shawn Camp fielded the occasional ball also. So when he got one ball, I asked him, he tossed it, but it hit off my glove and plopped on the track. (Earlier a ball was caught RIGHT in front of my glove.)

            “You’re killin’ me man!” Shawn said. He walked over and was about to hand it to the wrong kid, but then he looked over and saw me and handed me my 3rd ball.

            Now that was it for BP. But since ALL the ushers had no problem with me sitting there for Batting Practice, I decided to sit there for the game. But I only sat there for the first 3 innings of the game.

3 BP Balls 70409

And the last 3 innings also. But let’s not cut to that just yet.

            When Brian Bruney started warming up I moved over to the Yankees bullpen in the Bleachers in hopes of improving my tally for the day. Pretty soon a fly ball was hit, and I ran down as soon as it was hit, unlike most people who wait until the out is made. Well it paid off because apparently Brian had already finished warming up and Mike Harkey was waiting to give the ball to someone. That someone would be the first person there (me) so I got my 4th ball.

Mike Harkey Baseball1

            And it was a long game also. I sat in the outfield from the ninth inning and on for one purpose: the Bullpen Line-Up Card.

           Finally at the end of the long game I went over to the bullpen. I asked one random coach in there for the line-up card. But he tossed me a ball, which was errant.

            But then Bruce Walton came out. I pointed to and asked him for the line-up card. He walked over, took it off, and handed it to me. Yes!

Toronto Blue Jays Bullpen Line-Up Card



  • 1 MLB Autograph Today
  • 4 MLB Balls Today
  • 86 MLB Autographs
  • 91 Total Autographs in this Season
  • 134 MLB Balls
  • 150 Total Balls in this Season
  • 3 BP, 1 During
  • 2 Thrown, 1 Hand-To-Hand, 1 Hit
  • 5.83 Balls / 1 Game
  • Attendance: 46,620
  • Competition Factor: 186,480
  • 13 Consecutives Games with at last 1 MLB Autograph
  • 23 Consecutive Games with at least 3 MLB Baseballs
  • 8 Consecutives Games with at least 4 MLB Baseballs


July Fourth, 2009 Haul




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